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Meet A Few Members Of


FLAVA Church Family:

Apostle Z, M.Div. and Pastor D, AAS, have true hearts for God, and a genuine desire to share the good news of the Gospel!

Apostle Z is the founder and Senior Pastor of the First Love Alive Victory Army Church (FLAVA), Chairman of the Bishop's Board for the Churches of Worship, Inc., and Founder of the Faith Christian College in Virginia.

Along with his wife and Associate Pastor, Mrs. D Rinaldi, Apostle Z is committed to upfting our families, our communities, and our lives - for Christ! For more information: Meet Our Pastors.

Elder Florence M. Johnson, FLAVA Church Administrator, is an anointed speaker and author.  Her monthly column,  Minute Meditations, offer inspiration for living your best life now.  Her book, Tales of the Supernatural is available here, and wherever fine books are sold.

Deacon Lewis Russ loves to meet people and make new friends. His sense of humor shines bright, and he's a powerful witness for Christ! With laughter and love, he's an awesome witness with a ready smile to all.

Deacon Michelle Batte is a member of our FLAVA Intercessory Prayer Team. A strong woman of faith, Deacon Batte offers lots of prayer, love and advice based on experience and Godly wisdom.

To request Intercessary Prayer, prayer for your specific concerns, please use our Contact Page

Our Church Mother, Mrs. Hattie Alexander is 80 years young! Her love, faith and wisdom keep us all in check.

Mother Hattie brings years of godly love and experience to the FLAVA church. We love you Mother Hattie!

We Welcome You with Love!

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