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Minute Meditation

(Elder Florence M. Johnson)



Best Moms, Best Selves

     Mother’s Day is a day of special recognition for our mothers and mother-figures, and rightly so.  Being a mother is God-ordained.  It means so much more than giving birth.


     The biblical definition of mother is the bond of the family; a bond that strengthens, unites and holds her family together.  Her uplifting words and actions can make her family unbreakable, but if her words or actions are hard and harsh, when she neglects or abuses her children or spouse, she establishes a dysfunctional bond that can tear her family apart.


     Let all of us who are mothers and mother-figures (grandmoms, aunts, sisters and others) be the best moms that we can be, starting with salvation.  When we follow the steps found in Romans chapter 10, verses 9 and 13: Confess that Jesus is Lord, believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, and call on the Name of the Lord (allowing God to lead and guide us) we are Saved.  We have safe lives here and, in the hereafter, and God helps us to be our very best selves.  That includes being the best mothers, too.


     As we recognize and appreciate our mothers and mother-figures let us all be the best that we can be.  With God’s help we can establish wonderful loving bonds for our families.  We can be the best moms and, our very best selves.

Minute Meditations are reflections to help us live our lives with excellence.

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