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 Apostle Z Rinaldi, M.Div. is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the First Love Alive Victory Army (FLAVA) Church and Founder/Director of the Faith Christian College (FCC).

A trained counselor, teacher and theologian, Apostle Z earned his Master Degree in Theology from Virginia Union University, and is working towards his doctorate.

A dedicated educator, Apostle Z teaches in the Richmond Public School System and mentors at-risk youth and families through his various ministry initiatives and community activities. 

Using his unique blend of humor, spiritual anointing and motivational gifts, Apostle Z has appeared as keynote speaker for commencements and convocations at schools and colleges, and for various community and business events. He's also a popular facilitator for retreats and seminars.

With a true heart for God and the wholistic vision of salvation for all people, Apostle Z is especially delighted to speak at churches of varied affiliations and denominations, sharing the Word of God to encourage others to step into the wonderful plans God has for each of us. To schedule a speaking engagement, counseling sessions, or the Good Thing Marriage Retreat, please use the form below or use our Contact Page.

The Good Thing Marriage Retreat is awesome!

For married couples, engaged couples, and anyone interested in how to have an excellent marriage, the Retreat includes sessions on finding your soulmate, effective communication, loving God's way, the power of a woman and, the rule of a man. Personalized counseling sessions are also available.

Bring the Good Thing Marriage Retreat to your Church or organization

We are available anywhere in the world, by Internet!


To schedule, contact us here:



or call the FLAVA Church:

(804) 477-3141

See the Story BEHIND the Story!

Elder Johnson was featured on the International Christian Television Program, The 700 Club! Watch her amazing televised story:

An Atheist’s Pain.

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God Bless you!

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God is Real... and so is His enemy!

Raised in fear, abuse and confusion,

Elder Florence Johnson was a confirmed atheist. After years of non-belief she found herself in a battle with forces of evil so terrifying it was like being trapped in a horror movie. But this wasn't Hollywood or television. This was REAL .

Tales of the Supernatural offers Elder Johnson's journey from fear to faith and is a must-read for those who wonder if the supernatural is real. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble book stores, Barkey's Spiritual Store (Richmond, VA) or contact Elder Johnson at:  Visit her website:

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