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Apostle Z's Testimony:

When I was only 9 years old, my family had to move from our home into a low income housing project. Early on, I found my way around the streets and by the time I was a teenager, I was involved with a gang and dealing drugs. I became adept at petty crimes including car theft, and ended up getting shot at point blank range! I was pronounced dead-on-arrival.

Through the awesome power of God, I emerged from a comatose state months later, a changed man - born again, full of joy, and dedicated to a new life in Christ!

 Apostle Z, M.Div., FLAVA Church

More Amazing Testimonies:

I stumbled upon your church completely by accident yesterday afternoon (on internet) while researching Richmond, VA for my job. I was intrigued by the name of your church at first and just finished Elder Flo's book on Amazon. Her experiences almost completely mirrors my descent into the atheism, the occult, and eventual return to Christ. I am newly born again and grappling with my detrimental curiosity of all things occult but Elder Flo's book answered so many questions that I already knew the answer to but never had anyone to relate with. Coming across your website and reading "Tales of the Supernatural" solidified my return back to Christ and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much for your transparency and dedication to spreading the word! Vera in Willowbrook, IL

Very informative website, and I enjoy the sermons!

Zainab K, FLAVA Church, Richmond VA

Years ago I met a woman who was on the streets, addicted to drugs. I took her home, cleaned her, fixed her hair and gave her clean clothes. My husband cooked dinner while we played Christian music. By the end of the day I asked her if she still wanted to get high. She answered, “No Mam, I’m getting high on how God has led you to bless me.” We cried and hugged and found a shelter for her. Today she is an active church member! I helped her because I love God and because I was once in that same tragic condition. Someone helped me and now, I help others. God bless you. Remember, love is the key.

Brenda Cooper Hall, Gospel Comedian (KedasMama) in Wichita, Kansas

God is amazing! I was driving for a dental appointment when my back tire blew out! I pulled over and called roadside assistance. While waiting, I heard a voice behind me say, "Excuse me Miss." Startled, I turned and saw a woman. "Here," she said, pressing a roll of money into my hand, "There's a tire place right up the road. Get yourself a tire." I tried to give the money back, but she stared into my eyes and said, "No, this is for you. There's a tire place just up the road. Get yourself a tire." and turning, she left. She had given me $30! A few minutes later the roadside assistance arrived and put on a spare, so I could drive to "a tire place just up the road." There, I bought a used tire for just under $30. God showed up and showed out!

Elder Flo Johnson, FLAVA Church, Richmond, VA

My life has been hard. My father was never there for me, but my mother did all she could for me and my three sisters. We lived in public housing for 10 years and my mother endured abuse. When she finally let him go we were evicted. But God was there for us. Soon, our Section 8 Housing request was granted and we were able to move into a new house!

My mom was diagnosed with sacrodoses and we had to move out of our home, and I left school. But later I heard about a class I could take that would let me complete the 9th grade during the 1st semester, and the 10th grade during the 2nd. I took the class and though I struggled, PRAISE GOD! I went to night school so I could graduate. The fee was $350 and with my mom in the hospital, there was no way we could afford the payment. But God worked a miracle! I was given permission to take the class without worrying about the payment! I knew that was nothing but God! I passed with an "A" and graduated!

No matter what you go through, God is there! I give God praise for everything! So many people tried to discouraged me, but God made sure I got my high school diploma and made it to college. Put God 1st, no matter what! He will shelter you, protect you, provide for you and be there for you. He is worthy to be praised!

Taesean Blanding, Hopewell, VA:

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