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Minute Meditation
Elder Florence M. Johnson

April 2020

Don't Worry

  COVID-19, the Coronavirus, is a respiratory disease caused by a new strain of flu virus. All over the world people are practicing social-distancing by limiting movement in the community and working or studying from home. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers good preventive measures and information; you can copy and paste the following link into your browser to review their site: https://www.cdc.gov/.

  The very best protective measure we can all take is found in the Bible in Psalm 119:165 - Great peace have those who love (God’s) law and nothing causes them to stumble (be offended). Translated from the Hebrew language, this means that when we love God's law; being loyal, faithful and committed to obeying the Word of God, we will have great peace. Nothing will be able to cause our downfall. God will bless us! He will keep us safe, secure, happy and healthy through all hardship throughout our entire lives.

  Obeying God’s law is not hard. For example, God’s law tells us to pray and be kind, and not to lie, steal or cause harm to others. God wants us to believe in Him, His Son Jesus Christ and, allow Him to lead our lives. Easy!

A wonderful way to love God’s law is to join a church where you can learn all about God. Starting this Sunday, March 22, 2020 (until further notice) due to COVID-19 safety measures, you can fellowship with our church by telephone, Sundays at 9:00am:

1. Dial (515) 604-9094

2. A voice prompt will direct you to put in the Access Code: 956-588-411#

If you use a cell phone, download freeconferencecall.com before calling. It’s free and your cell phone carrier will not charge you for the call.

You can use this same call-in information every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm for our call-in bible study and prayer.

Do not worry. When we love God, obey His Word and trust in Him, we are safe. God bless you!

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Our personal invitation for you:

Salvation is so important.  So is finding a good church home where we can grow and blossom in the knowledge of God.

We welcome you to our church home.  The FLAVA Church (First Love Alive Victory Army) offers a loving atmosphere where you can gain spiritual, educational, and practical tools for total salvation of the mind, body, soul, and spirit.  We offer a supportive community with opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

For information call:
(804) 477-3141

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Elder Johnson's testimonial story, An Atheist's Pain, was featured on the international Christian television program,
The 700 Club!

 Her experiences led her to write the amazing book:
 Tales of the SupernaturalThis is a must-read for anyone who ever wonders if the supernatural is real!
To Schedule Book Signings and other Events, click HERE.
 *God Bless You*


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