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Learn How To

life's problems..
God's Way!
TALK it out so you know how to WALK it out!
You can face so many challenges...
At school
In the neighborhood
At home
Drugs, violence, poverty, abuse - it can feel overwhelming!  But it doesn't have to be.
Here's the deal: everything evil is from the devil. 
Everything GOOD is from God!
What kind of
life do YOU
GOOD          (or)         EVIL
Graduate from High School                 High School Drop-Out
College or Other Training                    Unemployment
The Best of Everything                         Lots of Nothing
Love and Respect                                 Unplanned Pregnancy
A Plan for Your Life                            No Plan, No Life
Drug Free                                             Drug Addict
Wonderful Future                                No Future
Success                                                Failure
Good Life Now & Later                      Bad Life Now, Hell Later

You have a Choice.  It really is up to you.  It all starts with learning about "The BIG GUY." God.
He really does exist and He really does love you.  He LOVES you.  And He wants the very best for you.  All you have to do is give Him a chance.
You can start by coming to FLAVA on Sundays at 9:00am.  If you let us know you need a ride we'll do our best to help you get one.
You can Ask Bishop Z questions by
using this link:A to Z with Bishop Z.
And you can share your thoughts, comments and ideas:
Hey Guys:
What's on your mind?
Have a question?
Info you want to share?
A subject you want to discuss?
Let us know...
(Your information is secure.  Only Bishop Z & our FLAVA Web Master can see.)
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
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It's ALL About YOU!
Let us put your "Mini Profile"
right here on the TEEN TALK Page!
We'll post your picture and information like your hobbies, interests and talent, like rapping, writing & dancing (remember:keep it clean)
Maybe you have academic awards, or you're an athlete, cheerleader or class president.
Maybe you want to be one!
Whatever your deal is let us know & we'll let Er-body know!
Please use this link and remember to say it's for the
TEEN TALK page: It's All About Me!
*     *     *     *
Folks don't always know about the problems you face.
In the streets... in the schools... even at home.
But God knows.  He cares.
And He hears our prayers.
Let FLAVA's Intercessory Prayer Team
pray for you!
Tell us what you want us to pray for.
Click right here: Prayer Power!
It's Summer time!
Wow - school is OUT!
Some of you may be looking for summer jobs, in summer school, camping or just plain enjoying a well deserved break.  If you are old enough to work, start looking as soon as possible - lots of folks are looking, too. 
 Try fast food resturants, amusement parks (like King's Diominion in VA), and nursing homes.
If you are too young to work at a company you can still earn money by offering to mow lawns, clean porches and run errands for your neighbors - IF you have your parent's permission, of course.

 Remember:  Apostle Z and the FLAVA Family are here for you!  contact us, anytime.  You can use this link: Contact Page, or this one:
Whatever you do, do it well.
Have fun and enjoy!
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