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Michelle from Henrico asks:
What do the 7 churches stand for in Revelation chapter 1?

The 7 churches in Revelation 1 (the messages to them are printed in chapters 2-3)were 7 churches that actually existed during that time.  The messages explained what they were doing correct or incorrect in their Christian operations, so they would operate the way God wanted them to.  The messages also serve as instructions for Christian churches throughout history and up to today!  We want to be sure we are operating our churches the way God wants us to, by following the same instructions.

Some scholars believe the 7 churches explain different eras within the Christian churches; however, there is much speculation as to whether that belief is valid and, there is no strong documentation in existence to support that theory.

I hope this answers your question.  Thank you for seeking knowledge in the word of God!  Our church is here for you and our goal is to help everyone grow in the word of God!
God bless you,
Apostle Z
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