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 Tales of the Supernatural
by (Elder) Florence M. Johnson
God is REAL. So is His enemy.
Raised in fear, abuse, and confusion, Johnson was a confirmed atheist.  To her God did not exist
and if He did, He couldn't be trusted. 
After years of non-belief, Johnson decided to give God a try and found herself in a battle with forces of evil so terrifying it was like being trapped in a horror movie!
But this wasn't Hollywood or television.  This was REAL . "I couldn’t turn the channel, close a book or call an exorcist.  All I could do was go through.”
 A must-read for those who wonder
if the "supernatural" is real...
 Get your copy for just $9.99!  Click here:
Tales of the Supernatural
Soon to be seen on the 700 Club!
Price: $9.99
Tales of the Supernatural is available in e-book format for Kindle & other wireless readers!
To purchase Tales of the Supernatural as an
e-book, use this link: TOTS
See the Story BEHIND the story! Johnson's story, "An Atheist's Pain" was featured on the International Christian television program, The 700 Club!  Click here to watch: An Atheist's Pain
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"Devil Get Off Me!"
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Bishop Z. Rinaldi, M.Div. is a trained family counselor with an undergraduatedegree in Psychology, and
Masters Degree in Theology
from Virginia Union University.
Currently working toward his doctorate, Bishop Z offers counseling sessions for the entire family.
To schedule pre-marital, couples, family or other counseling, please use our Contact Page.
Elder Johnson is a licensed Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia.
For notary services, please contact her:
Thank you, and God Bless you!

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