FLAVA Church with Apostle Z, M.Div. & Pastor D - Teaching God's Word with Love...

Join us for
an hour of
Bible Study and Powerful Prayer 
all by telephone!

Tuesdays from 7-8:00pm
with Apostle Z & Pastor D

The call is FREE!


We are joined by
people from all around the globe!

Please note: we have a NEW call-in
telephone number, listed below.

Here’s all you have to do:

 1.   Dial (515) 739-1015

2.    Listen to the voice prompt.  It will direct you to put in the Access Code: 956-588-411, followed by the # sign.

 3.   You will be joined into a live conference call of Bible reading, study, and prayer led by Apostle Z.

Just a few of our Bible Study "PLPs"
(Prayer Line Participants)
from across the United States:

Betty, Leola, Miriam & Ashley
Betty, Leola, Miriam & Ashley, from Florida

                                                             Willie, from Chicago
 Vickie, FLAVA Church
Vickie, FLAVA Church


             Elder Flo & her son, Eddie, FLAVA Church

Deacon Lew, from FLAVA Church


                                     Adrienne, from Florida

Clarisse, from Florida

Misch, FLAVA Church

                          Alice, from New New York


           Arleithia, FLAVA Church

              Della, from Pittsburgh 

Kimberly, from Ohio

Armour-Bearer, Corey, FLAVA Church


                  Deacon-elect Michelle, FLAVA Church


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Bible Study Comments & Testimonies:

Tuesday night Bible Study is amazing! Not only am I understanding bible scripture better than ever before, but I'm getting to know people as hungry for God as I am, from across the United States - and in a much safer way than connecting through typical internet sites. No "cat-fishin" here!   Elder Flo, FLAVA Church

FLAVA Bible Study and Intercessory Prayer have helped me in ways that are too numerous to explain. The hour we spend together being taught by Apostle Z has been inspirational and educational. I know that regardless of my situation, our Bible Study on Tuesday nights encourage me to look forward to a better tomorrow.  God is so good, and I am truly grateful that he has placed the PLPs (prayer line participants) in my path. To God Be The Glory from Whom all blessings flow!  Leola, Florida

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FLAVA Church 
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God listens.
He's never too tired or too busy to hear your concerns.
Intercessory Prayer is the prayer of individuals who are strong in faith, offered to God on the behalf of others.

Our team prays weekly, corporately, and individually for all who ask.

Please share your concerns with us so we can pray for you.

Your information is strictly confidential.  
Website visitors cannot view it.
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and our Prayer Warriors have full confidence and faith
in the power of God!

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